American Warmblood

American Warmblood photo
Photograph by Marlynna Pellegrini. Some rights reserved.


The American Warmblood is the breed that is bred exclusively to participate in a number of events which include dressage and show jumping. This breed does not have a specific bloodline. Any sport horse or a horse that is of the warmblood type can be included in this breed provided the horse meets the requirements specified in the studbook.

In addition to the American Warmblood Society, another registry called the American Warmblood Registry has been established to recognize and register American Warmblood horses. The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses had approved both these registries. Unlike registries for other breeds where horses are registered to preserve the bloodline, here the horses are registered with the objective of breeding superior quality horses exclusively for sports.

The height of the American Warmblood can be anywhere between 15-17 hands. This horse has a powerful walk which is well balanced. The head and the neck have balanced dimensions. Their large eyes are reflection of their alert nature. The muzzle has large nostrils that are capable of taking in good amounts of air. The bone structure is well defined and proportionate to the body.

These beautiful horses are attentive and calm creatures. They are also willing, focused and eager to please – all traits that are a must for sports horses. They are also amenable and extremely well mannered.

15 - 17 hands

The American Warmblood comes in a variety of colors though the most prominent color is bay.

Suitable for
The American Warmblood is the pride of any trainer. Their well mannered nature makes them the right horse for dressage and display. They are also used for show jumping and many other sporting events.

The history of the American Warmblood spans many centuries and many continents. This breed is a result of ages of cross breeding the hot blood horses and the cold blood horses in order to get the right type of athletic horses. During their course of development they have been greatly influenced by the Arabian horses, Thoroughbreds, draft horses and the European Warmbloods

This breed of horses is more often considered as a “type” rather than a “breed”. They are distinct as compared to their European counterparts. The American Warmblood is a breed that is being continually improvised. Many breeders have adopted selective breeding in order to ensure the quality of the resultant offspring meets and exceeds the current standards.