Anglo-Arabian photo
Photograph by Seviwurst. Some rights reserved.


The Anglo-Arabian horse is the result of cross breeding mares of the Thoroughbred breed with the stallions of the Arabian breed. This horse does justice to both the clans it descends from because it has the endurance and refined nature found in the Arabian Horses along with good speed and height which are traits of the Thoroughbreds. For an offspring to fall under this breed, it should have no more than 75% and no less than 25% Arabian blood.

The height of the Anglo-Arabian horse can vary between 15.2 to 16.3 hands. They have a good bone structure and a deep chest. The horses of this breed have a straight head with a long neck. Their oblique shoulders are very powerful. They have strong withers and a short but strong body. The croup is long and horizontal rather than rounded. They have long and strong legs with a powerful walk and springy jump.

Though these horses are high spirited, they have a manageable temperament. They have unparalleled stamina and endurance which enables good performance even under the toughest conditions. The Anglo-Arabian horses are intelligent creatures which are full of energy and vigor.

15.2 - 16.3 hands

The horses of this breed come in bay, chestnut and grey colors.

Suitable for
Thanks to their speed and agility, the Anglo Arabian horses are very well known as sport horses. They also find their use in the military units. Their excellent stamina and ability to jump make them the best of class for sporting events. They are also used for pleasure riding.

The history of this breed spans many centuries. This breed took birth in the year 1836 in France under the guidance of the French National Stud Service. The horses that fathered the breed initially were two handsome stallions named Massoud and Aslam. While Massoud was an Arabian Horse, Aslam was of Turkish descent. These two stallions were bred with three English Thoroughbreds.

This led to the birth of three female offspring that marked the foundation of this breeding program by the French. for over 150 years now, France has specialized in breeding some of the best Anglo Arabian horses. However, in the modern era, the Anglo Arabian horses are bred in many countries all around the world.