Anglo-Kabarda photo
Photograph by Hü. Some rights reserved.


The Anglo-Kabarda horses are a result of cross breeding English Thoroughbreds with the Kabarda breed. For a horse to fall under this breed, it should have no more than 75% and no less than 25% of Thoroughbred blood.

The Anglo-Kabarda is divided into three different categories based on their looks. The three categories are basic, oriental and massive types. While the horses that fall under the basic type has a well shaped head and is well muscled, it has a medium size. It is smaller than a Thoroughbred but large than a Kabarda. The horses that fall under the Oriental category have smaller heads with expressive eyes and clean legs. The horses under the massive type look more like carriage horses. They are large horses with bigger bones and longer bodies.

These lovely horses always stay in herds. These creatures are so intelligent that if they are separated from their herd and get lost, they can find their way back. The Anglo-Kabardas are very protective of each other. The stallions are protective of the mares and the mares take excellent care of their foals. These horses also have greater longevity as compared to the other breeds.

The height of the horses of this breed is between 15.2 – 16 hands. They have a straight back with long legs and their joints are well developed. These brave horses are very reliable and energetic.

15.2 - 16 hands

These horses come in a variety of solid colors.

Suitable for
The Anglo-Kabarda horses have great endurance capabilities and hence are used to navigate through difficult terrains with ease. They are also used in trail riding competitions in order to display their endurance skills. They are used as mounts for cavalry. They are also good work horses which can double up as show horses. They are also used as pleasure riding horses.

Anglo-Kabarda is a breed that is native to Russia. This breed is called “Anglo-Kabardinskaya” in its birth place. This breed that is the result of cross breeding the English Thoroughbred stallions with the Kabarda mares carries the best traits of each breed it descends from. It has an excellent combination of speed and size of the Thoroughbreds and the strength and endurance of the Kabarda breed.