Australian Riding Pony

Australian Riding Pony photo
Photograph by Cgoodwin. Some rights reserved.


The Australian Rising Pony is one the very few horse breeds that was initially bred with a specific purpose in mind. Australian riding ponies are considered more as a “refined type” rather than a “breed” in terms of genetics. The riding ponies came into existence after cross breeding various types of horses. The Thoroughbreds, the Arabian horses and the British ponies had a major role to play in giving rise to this breed. Hence these horses combine the traits and characteristics of these bloodlines.

The height of an Australian Riding Pony ranges between 11-14 hands. These animals have a small head and the forehead is flat. Their ears are small. The neck is fine and long and has a slight crest. The Australian Riding Ponies have a strong back that has a deep girth. These horses have a tail set high that carried well. The strong and sturdy legs have joints that are well chiseled. They have strong hooves too that are neat. Their action is free flowing and smooth.

These horses of this breed are alert animals and have a sensible nature. They also have an easy and even temper.

11 - 14 hands

The Australian Riding Pony can have any solid coat color. Grey is the most preferred and pinto patterns are not allowed.

Suitable for
Thanks to their docile nature and even temper, they find use in a variety of areas. These ponies are used as show horses and for driving. They are also used as pleasure mounts. They are used in a number of events and also to play various mounted games.

When the Australian breeders traveled to Britain in the 1970s with the objective of importing Welsh ponies, they saw the attractive and graceful British ponies and took a liking to them. As a result the first pony stallion, Aristocrat of Flawforth, was imported to Australia in 1973. In addition to this stallion, the two others that played a major role in the development of this breed were Treharne Talisman and The Laird.

The ponies that were produced made the Australian breeders and the show exhibitors happy and thus this breed started gaining prominence. In the year 1931, the Australian Pony Stub Book Society came into being so that the proper document could be established for this type of horses.