Budyonny Horse

Budyonny Horse photo
a group of two year old Budjonny stallions in the stud farm budjonny in southern Russia
Photograph by edith seuberth. Some rights reserved.


Other Names
Budenny, Tchernomor

The Budyonny horse is a breed that comes from Russia. This breed is also known by other names which are “Budenny” and “Budyonovsky”. This breed of horse gets the name from Marshall Budenny who was a well known Bolshevik commander of the Russian Civil War during the Russian Revolution.

The Budyonny is a Russian Warmblood horse that is the result of cross breeding native mares with the Thoroughbreds. This breed garners significant interest because they were the result of the cross breeding programs that were initiated in Russia post the Russian Revolution. Ukraine, Kazakh and Kirghiz republics are the current breeding grounds for this breed.

The height of the Budyonny horse ranges between 15.1-17 hands. These horses have a perfectly proportioned head that has a straight profile. The withers of this breed are well marked. These horses have a long neck. The chest is broad and deep. Their back is straight and long. The long back ends in a croup that is slightly sloping.

The legs of the Budyonny horse are long and have good joints. The hooves are well formed. These horses are sturdy and have a strong and sound bone structure. They display a lot of characteristics of the Thoroughbred from which they descend.

The Budyonny horses are intelligent creatures that have a great temperament. They are very energetic horses too. The breed has good endurance powers and the horses are agile and fast.

15.1 - 17 hands

Most of the Budyonny horses have a chestnut coat color with a golden (or any metallic) sheen. The other common coat colors found in this breed are black, gray and bay.

Suitable for
The Budyonny horse can be considered an “all rounder”. These horses are used for a variety of reasons. They are used as riding horses and also for various competitions like dressage, endurance riding, steeple chasing and many more. They also find their use as carriage horses or show horses.

The history of this horses dates back to the time just after the Russian Revolution. The Russians lost most of their cavalry horses during World War I and even post that. Hence, they were looking to develop a breed that could replace their lost cavalry horses. This gave rise to the birth of the Budyonny breed. This breed took birth during the 1920s. The horses that were produced were used by the Russians during World War II.

These horses are the descendants of the native Chernomor and Don mares and stallions that belonged the Thoroughbreds. This breed got official recognition in the year 1949.

In the initial stages of breeding, the Budyonny horses were classified into three categories which were called “Middle”, “Massive” and “Eastern”. However, in modern times this classification does not exist.