Chilean Horse

Chilean Horse photo
Photograph by Ejansson. Some rights reserved.


The Chilean Horse carries the pride of being the oldest registered stock breed in America. South America is the home of this breed. The existence of this breed is virtually unknown beyond the South American soil. This breed has maintained a closed register right from the time this breed came into existence. The horses of this breed have not been cross bred of any other breed both before and after the formation of this horse registry. This breed is also credited with being the oldest breed having Iberian origins.

The height of the Chilean Horse ranges between 13.1-14.2 hands. The average weight of this horse is about 1000 lbs. The mane, tail and forelocks of this horse are among the thickest in the world. This horse, like the other Latin American breeds, is tough and strong. This horse is known to possess some amazing features which prove to be of great benefit. This horse has a low metabolism rate which means it can survive easily with a short supply of food. This horse also has a very high tolerance level for pain and the immune system in these creatures is very strong and can fight against a lot of diseases. The recovery and recuperation rate in these animals is very fast. These animals have a double hair coat which makes them adapt well to both hot and cold climate. The hooves of this horse are also very strong which makes it easy for this horse to travel through tough terrains.

This horse is very alert and built for tough work. This animal is a very docile and gentle creature too. These animals have a great threshold for fatigue and are very obedient in nature. These animals are willing creatures that are eager to please.

13.1 - 14.2 hands

Though these horses come in a variety of coat colors, the ones with the dark colors are the most preferred. White and off white are not allowed.

Suitable for
These horses are used to transport people and food over hazardous terrains. These horses have the honor of being the best cow horses in the world.

The Chilean Horses has the roots of its origin rooted in Peru (New Castile). The origins of this breed can be traced back to 1544 when Father Rodrigo Gonzalez Marmolejo, the first breeder, started breeding the horses with the emphasis on quality. While the Mapuches were outstanding horsemen who reigned during the 16th century, by the 17th century Chile had given rise to some of the finest quality horses that were considered to be among the best in South America.

These horses were specifically bred for their courage, dexterity, even temperament, ability to heard cattle and mainly for easy trainability and high fatigue threshold. The breed registry for the Chilean horses was established in the year 1893. Till date, no other horse has been able to influence this breed and dilute the bloodline.