Friesian Sport Horse

Friesian Sport Horse photo
Friesian Sporthorse stallion
Photograph by Serendipityblue. License: Public Domain.


Other Names
Friesian cross

The Friesian Sport Horse is a Friesian horse that is cross bred with horses of other breeds in order to develop a “sport” type of horse. Some people in the world believe that Friesian Sport horse is a type but many others recognize these horses to be a breed.

There are various registries in the world that have different standards while considering the registration of a Friesian Sport Horse. There are certain registries that treat these horses as a type of Friesian horses while there are certain registries that consider this horse to be a different breed. The registries of the latter type have strict requirements for breeding and performance. Such registries primarily accept horses that are developed by cross breeding the Friesians with either Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods. There are certain registries that also accept a certain amount of influence of the Arabians, draft, American Saddlebred and Morgans. The primary goal of cross breeding the Friesians with other breeds is to get a horse that is well suited for sport disciplines that include show jumping, dressage, combined driving and eventing.

The build of the Friesian Sport Horse can vary from being sporty to being heavy. The neck of the horses in this breed is set high and is more arched as compared to the other breeds. These horses are a great blend of the Friesian beauty and even temperament but with added stamina, endurance and vigor.

The Friesian horses can have any coat color. This is probably one of the very few breeds in the world that does have any color or pattern/marking restriction.

Suitable for
The most common events for which the Friesian Sport horses are used are carriage driving and dressage. However, these horses have also displayed excelled performance in the fields of jumping and eventing. They are also suited for riding. These horses are also used extensively for trail riding and as pleasure mounts.

The cross breeding of the Friesian horses is a concept that has been rampant for nearly a century now. Two registries for the Friesians, one for the purebreds and the other for the crossbreds were established in the year 1879. These registries came together as one in 1907; however, due to concerns about the dwindling number of the purebreds, they became separate entities again in 1915.

The Dutch registry and one American register only the purebreds, while the German Registry and its American counterpart register the crossbred Friesians. Today, thanks to the immense popularity of the crossbred Friesians, Friesian Sport Horses have a breed of their own.