Hanoverian Horse

Hanoverian Horse photo
Photograph by de:Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof. License: GNU.

Hanoverian Horse photo
Hannoverian, Stallion "Romantic Boy"
Photograph by de:Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof. License: GNU.


The Hanoverian is a light or warm-blood horse breed. These horses are 15-16 hands high on average. They have noble heads with expressive eyes, placed on well proportioned, strong necks. They have powerful bodies with strong hindquarters and athletic movement. The overall appearance of the Hanoverian is strong and athletic.

15-16 hands

Hanoverians come in chestnut, bay, black, brown and grey. The mane and tail colors usually correspond to the body color.

Hanoverian horses are quite intelligent and well mannered. They are even tempered and can keep cool even in difficult situations. They are very rideable, giving themselves willingly to the rider.

Suitable for
The breed is commonly used in various sports including dressage, show jumping, eventing and as show hunters. They are one of the most important breeds of sport horses in the world. They are Olympic and World champions and have won the largest number of Worldcups that any other horse breed. They are also used as riding horses, for leisure and trail riding.

Hanoverians usually require a larger amount of feed than most horse breeds due to their large size. They are athletic horses and require frequent exercise to keep in shape.

One of the oldest warmblood horse breeds, it dates back to the 17th century when Spanish, Italian and oriental horses were imported to Germany and bred with local mares. The outcome of this breeding was the Holsteiner breed. Holsteiners were later crossed with Thoroughbreds, which improved the quality of the horses for cavalry and farming. Over the years, breeding adapted to the need for a more athletic horse, with appropriate breeds introduced into the breeding as needed. The result is the modern Hanoverian horse.

Hanoverians are known for their incredible strength and stamina and are generally sturdy and hardy horses. They are very popular horses and their breeding is very strictly regulated; as a result, obtaining a Hanoverian can be quite expensive. They live 30 years on average.