Jutland Horse

Jutland Horse photo
Jutlandic horses are a part of the restauration project at Vorup Enge near Randers, Denmark.
Photograph by Malene Thyssen, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Malene. License: GNU.


The Jutland is a Danish draft horse breed. It has a good sized, compact body with short legs and large quarters. Its legs are heavily feathered. It has expressive, gentle eyes, long ears and thick, strong neck. Its shoulders are massive and muscular and its chest broad and deep. The overall impression one gets from looking at this horse is that of a sturdy, strong animal.

15-16 hands high. Its weight ranges between 650-800kg.

Some Jutlands are black or brown; however the most common breed color is chestnut. The mane and tail are usually flaxen.

The Jutland is a docile and kind horse breed. These horses possess great strength and are willing to work for long without tiring easily.

Suitable for
Jutland horses are used in agriculture, driving and shows. What they are mostly famous for however, is their association with Carlsberg beer. This industry has traditionally been using Jutlands for years to haul brewery wagons. Although today some horses still haul wagons, most of them are used for promotional purposes associated with Carlsberg and can often be spotted in festivals and shows.

Generally a hardy breed.

The Jutland breed gets its name from the Danish peninsula of Jutland. These horses have been around at least since the middle ages. The breed as we know it today was formed around 1850 when Danish horses were infused with Shire and Suffolk horse blood. The first Jutland horse breeders association was established in 1887. The breed's association with the Carlsberg industry began in the late 1920's. In the early years Carlsberg utilized approximately 210 horses; nowadays only 20 are used to transport beer across Copenhagen.

The Jutland is the founding breed for the Schleswig horse. If cared for properly these horses can live 25-30 years.