Maremmano photo
Maremmano, Old italian horse race as presented on the German horsefair "de:Equitana"
Photograph by de:Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof. License: GNU.


The Maremmano or Maremmana is an Italian horse breed. Its head is long, with a straight profile, large, kind eyes and large nostrils. The ears are medium sized and alert. The neck and back are short and strong. Maremmanos have full, muscular chests and sloping shoulders. The hindquarters are rounded and muscular while the longs are long and elegant.

15 to 16 hands

The most common are bay, black, brown, chestnut and gray, but comes in all solid colors.

The Maremmano is a strong, tough horse with a gentle nature and docile temperament. These are sensible, patient horses, hard working and willing to perform any task that is assigned to them. They have outstanding memory and, if trained properly, they will never forget a trail.

Suitable for
Maremmanos are used for general agricultural work as well as for rounding cattle. They are also used by the Italian mounted police and cavalry and are very common riding horses, although they are not as fast as many other breeds.

Despite its refined appearance, it is a hardy horse breed that requires basic horse care in order to thrive. This includes a regular provision of food and water, a safe shelter, grooming and veterinary check ups. Maremmanos mainly do farm work, so their natural environment is the pasture. It is therefore advisable to provide them with regular access outdoors as it will keep them from getting bored and allow them to be in their natural habitat.

The history of the Maremmano is a bit obscure. It is indigenous to Italy, however the exact date of its development is not known. Maremmanos are the result of the crossing of Arab, Thoroughbred, Spanish and Barb horse breeds. The breed's characteristics were rougher early on in its history; over the years the breed has been selectively bred for strength and toughness but with a more refined exterior.

Due to its versatile characteristics, the Maremmano can be characterized neither as a light horse breed nor as a draft breed. It is what one would call a light draft breed. The average lifespan of the breed is 25-30 years.