Horses and Ponies of Asia

Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke
The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed first found in Turkmenistan. Their main feature is the distinct coat that gleams and this is also what distinguishes them from the other horse breeds. The height of this horse can be anywhere between 14 to 16.5 hands....  Read more >
Altai Horse Altai Horse
The Altai horse is one of the most ancient breeds of horses found in the world. The breed has an average height of 13.2 hands. They are very sturdy and can endure harsh weather conditions. The Altai horse has a large head which is also coarse in...  Read more >
Arabian Horse Arabian Horse
This magnificent horse of remarkable genetic purity is rightly called the “fountainhead” of all horse breeds. There are hardly any horse breeds that has not benefitted from the genes of the Arabian Horse. The greatest contribution of this horse is...  Read more >
Marwari Horse Marwari Horse
The Marwari or Malani is an Indian horse breed. It has a compact, rounded body with excellent proportions. The head is graceful with a straight profile and large, expressive eyes. The Marwari's most prominent feature is its ears. These are pointed...  Read more >
Miyako Pony Miyako Pony
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Mongolian Horse Mongolian Horse
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Przewalski's Horse Przewalski's Horse
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Yonaguni Horse Yonaguni Horse
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