Horses and Ponies of North-America

American Cream Draft American Cream Draft
The American Cream Draft is the breed that is native to the United Stated of America. Thanks to the presence on the “Champagne” gene, the horses of this breed are always cream colored. The shade of cream can vary from being light to medium to dark....  Read more >
American Indian Horse American Indian Horse
The American Indian Horse is known by many other names too. Spanish pony, Indian pony, cow pony, mustang, cayuse and buffalo horse are the other names that people use while referring to this breed. The Spanish explorers brought this breed to the...  Read more >
American Paint Horse American Paint Horse
The American Paint Horse is the second largest breed to horses in the United States of America. The APHA which is the organization responsible for registering all the American Paint Horses is the second largest registry in the United States. For an...  Read more >
American Quarter Horse American Quarter Horse
The American Quarter Horse has excellent sprinting capabilities over short distances. These horses got the name “quarter horse” because they could outrun the horses of any other breed in any race by at least quarter of a mile or lesser. With a...  Read more >
American Saddlebred American Saddlebred
Known initially as the “Kentucky Saddler”, the American Saddlebred is one of the most graceful horse breeds ever. Due to its attractive demeanor, it is also called the “peacock” in the world of horses. When you see these horses pulling the...  Read more >
American Warmblood American Warmblood
The American Warmblood is the breed that is bred exclusively to participate in a number of events which include dressage and show jumping. This breed does not have a specific bloodline. Any sport horse or a horse that is of the warmblood type can be...  Read more >
Appaloosa Appaloosa
The Appaloosa is a breed of horses that are not only bred for their endurance capabilities and strength but also for the color of their coat and spotting patterns. The Appaloosa club that was formed in the year 1938 in order to revive and preserve...  Read more >
Azteca Horse Azteca Horse
The Azteca is the official horse of Mexico. This is the first horse breed that was developed on the Mexican soil. This horse owes its origin to three main bloodlines which are the Iberian horse, Criollo horse and American Quarter horse. Thus, this...  Read more >
Banker Horse Banker Horse
Banker Horses are generally can be found living on North Carolina’s Outer Bank islands. This breed falls under the category of feral domestic horses. Large herds of the Banker horses can be found on Currituck Banks, Shakleford Banks, Rachel Carson...  Read more >
Camarillo White Horse Camarillo White Horse
The Camarillo White Horse breed is noted for the pure white color of its coat. Beneath the pure white coat, this horse as pink skin. The Camarillo horse is different from the gray horse that is born with a dark coat color that lightens with age and...  Read more >
Chincoteague Pony Chincoteague Pony
Chincoteague Pony is a tough breed that can be found on an island called Assateague Island. This breed is also referred to as “Assateague” since it is found on the island by the same name which is located off the Atlantic coast of Virginia and...  Read more >
Curly Horse Curly Horse
The Curly horses are an easily recognizable breed of horses because, as their name says, they have curly hair. These horses are also commonly referred to as the American Bashkir Curlies, North America Bashkir Curlies or just Bashkir Curlies. These...  Read more >
Friesian Sport Horse Friesian Sport Horse
The Friesian Sport Horse is a Friesian horse that is cross bred with horses of other breeds in order to develop a “sport” type of horse. Some people in the world believe that Friesian Sport horse is a type but many others recognize these horses to...  Read more >
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is one of the most beautiful horse breeds. These horses usually have compact, small framed yet muscular bodies. The eyes are gentle and the ears medium sized. The neck is of medium length and width. The legs are...  Read more >
Morgan Horse Morgan Horse
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Mustang Mustang
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National Show Horse National Show Horse
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Rocky Mountain Horse Rocky Mountain Horse
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Spotted Saddle Horse Spotted Saddle Horse
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Standardbred Horse Standardbred Horse
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Tennessee Walking Horse Tennessee Walking Horse
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