Horses and Ponies of Eastern-Europe

Anglo-Kabarda Anglo-Kabarda
The Anglo-Kabarda horses are a result of cross breeding English Thoroughbreds with the Kabarda breed. For a horse to fall under this breed, it should have no more than 75% and no less than 25% of Thoroughbred blood.

The Anglo-Kabarda is...  Read more >
Bosnian Pony Bosnian Pony
The Bosnian Pony is the contribution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the world. The Bosnian ponies, Hucul ponies and Konik ponies are very similar in nature and “Balkan Breed” is the name collectively given to this triad. This part of the world also...  Read more >
Budyonny Horse Budyonny Horse
The Budyonny horse is a breed that comes from Russia. This breed is also known by other names which are “Budenny” and “Budyonovsky”. This breed of horse gets the name from Marshall Budenny who was a well known Bolshevik commander of the Russian...  Read more >
Hucul Pony Hucul Pony
The Hucul or Carpathian Pony is one of the oldest breeds of native ponies in Europe, resembling in appearance the wild Tarpan horse. The Hucul is heavily built with a compact body. The head is short, with expressive large eyes and lively ears. The...  Read more >
Kladruber Kladruber
The Kladruber (also known as Kladrub or Kladruby) is a Czech horse breed. Traditionally, Kladruber horses were selected for their size and in older times they were famous for their large frames. Nowadays, selective breeding has somewhat reduced...  Read more >
Konik Konik
The Konik is a compact horse breed originating in Poland. It has a well proportioned, muscular body, strong bone structure and rectangular frame. The head is light, with a straight profile and placed upon a short, thick neck. The chest is wide and...  Read more >
Lipizzan Lipizzan
The Lipizzan or Lipizzaner is one of the most elegant horse breeds. It has a compact, muscular figure, athletic yet graceful. The head is well proportioned to the body, narrow and with a slightly convex profile. The eyes are large and expressive...  Read more >
Lithuanian Heavy Draught Lithuanian Heavy Draught
The Lithuanian Heavy Draught is a heavy draft horse breed. It has a large, well muscled and well boned body. The head is medium sized with a straight profile and the neck is well set, thick and strong. The back is long and slightly curved while the...  Read more >
Nonius Horse Nonius Horse
The Nonius horse is a warmblood breed of Hungarian origin. Although a compact horse, it is quite muscular with a strong bone structure and well proportioned. It has a large, proud head with a Roman profile, gentle eyes, alert ears and wide open...  Read more >
Shagya Arabian Shagya Arabian
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Tori Horse Tori Horse
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Wielkopolski Wielkopolski
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