Horses and Ponies of Western-Europe

Aegidienberger Aegidienberger
The Aegidienberger is a German horse breed. This horse is fairly short and hence easy to ride. Though most of the horses in this breed are about 13 hands tall, there are a few that grow up to reach 15 hands. The neck of this horse is short but...  Read more >
Andalusian Horse Andalusian Horse
The Andalusian Horse stands on par with the Arabian horses when you consider the length and purity of the bloodline of the breed. This breed has its influence on almost every horse breed in the world today. It is no wonder then, that this horse is...  Read more >
Anglo-Arabian Anglo-Arabian
The Anglo-Arabian horse is the result of cross breeding mares of the Thoroughbred breed with the stallions of the Arabian breed. This horse does justice to both the clans it descends from because it has the endurance and refined nature found in the...  Read more >
Ardennes Horse Ardennes Horse
The Ardennes horse falls under the category of draft horses. This is a truly cold-blooded breed that is the also one of the primary draft horse breeds in existence today. This breed gets the name from its place of origin, which is the Ardennes...  Read more >
Ariegeois Pony Ariegeois Pony
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Bardigiano Pony Bardigiano Pony
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Bavarian Warmblood Bavarian Warmblood
The Bavarian Warmblood is a relatively new breed that was created in order to come up with a line of superior sport horses. It is a descendant of its predecessor which is the Bavarian Heavy Warmblood called Rottaler. This breed of horses is the...  Read more >
Belgian Horse Belgian Horse
The Belgian horse is the strongest and most powerful of all the draft horse breeds in the world. In addition to being the strongest, these horses also hold the record for being the tallest and largest horses in the world. The Belgian horses are the...  Read more >
Belgian Warmblood Belgian Warmblood
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Black Forest Horse Black Forest Horse
The Black Forest Horse is a breed that has its origins in the southern part of Germany. The breed gets the name “Black Forest” because these horses are bred in large numbers in the Black Forest area in this part of Germany. This breed belongs to the...  Read more >
Boulonnais Horse Boulonnais Horse
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Breton Horse Breton Horse
The Breton is a breed that falls under the category of draft horses. This breed is a native of France. A place called Brittany, in the north western part of France is credited with the development of this breed. This breed can be classified into...  Read more >
Camargue Horse Camargue Horse
The Camargue is one of the most ancient horse breeds in the world. This breed gets its name because it is found in the Camargue region in the southern part of France. They have been in existence for the last thousands of years and through the course...  Read more >
Comtois Horse Comtois Horse
The Comtois horse, like the Bretons, is the contribution of France to the world. This breed is the second largest breed on the French soil. The Comtois horses belong to the category of draft horses. They originated in the Comte region which is on...  Read more >
Connemara Pony Connemara Pony
The Connemara pony is the contribution of Ireland to the world of horses. The western part of Ireland houses the Connemara Ponies in a place called County Galway in the Connemara region. The landscape and terrain of this region is extremely tough...  Read more >
Dole Gudbrandsdal Dole Gudbrandsdal
The Dole Gudbrandsdal is the contribution of Norway to the world of horse breeds. This is one of the oldest breeds of horses that originated from Gudbrandsdal, a big central valley that connects the North Sea coast with the city of Oslo. The horses...  Read more >
Dulmen Pony Dulmen Pony
The Dulmen Pony is the only pony breed that is native to Germany. This is also called the Duelmener wild horse, though this horse is not really a wild horse. The German province of Westphalia was actually home to various typed of wild horses; the...  Read more >
Dutch harness Horse Dutch harness Horse
The Dutch Harness Horse belongs to the category of Warmbloods. These horses are also called Tuigpaard. These horses have been developed in their native Netherlands post the end of the Second World War. This breed has a thin population in comparison...  Read more >
Dutch Warmblood Dutch Warmblood
The Dutch carry the pride of developing some of the best horse breeds post the end of the Second World War. The Dutch Warmblood is one such breed of horses that are registered with the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands. This horse breed is...  Read more >
Faroe Pony Faroe Pony
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Finnhorse Finnhorse
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Fjord Horse Fjord Horse
The mountainous regions of Norway are the home of the Fjord Horses. This breed of horses is small but very strong because the horses developed in the midst of rough terrains in the mountains. This breed of horses is one of the oldest breeds in the...  Read more >
Frederiksborg Horse Frederiksborg Horse
The Frederiksborg Horse breed is the oldest horse breed in Denmark. During the Baroque and Renaissance periods, these horses were considered to be a mark of luxury. The horses of this breed are amongst the most handsome horses in the world. The...  Read more >
Friesian Horse Friesian Horse
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Gotland Pony Gotland Pony
Gotland Pony is a breed of horses from Sweden. This breed is also referred to as the Gotland Rus. This breed is the only breed of ponies that are natives of Sweden.

The Gotland Pony is an animal that can boast of longevity. These animals can...  Read more >
Haflinger Horse Haflinger Horse
The Haflinger is a relatively small, yet muscular horse breed. Although it stands between 13 and 15 hands high, this horse is not a pony. Haflingers have lean, elegant heads with expressive, lively eyes, fine nostrils and ears that are in proportion...  Read more >
Hanoverian Horse Hanoverian Horse
The Hanoverian is a light or warm-blood horse breed. These horses are 15-16 hands high on average. They have noble heads with expressive eyes, placed on well proportioned, strong necks. They have powerful bodies with strong hindquarters and athletic...  Read more >
Heck Horse Heck Horse
The Heck is a small horse breed, bred to resemble the wild Tarpan horse. Hecks are about 13 to 13.2 hands high. The head is large, with thick, strong neck and big jaws. The body is well-balanced with low withers, strong legs and hind quarters. The...  Read more >
Holsteiner Horse Holsteiner Horse
The Holsteiner horse is a warmblood, powerful and elegant breed. It is similar to the Hanoverian breed only a bit heavier. The Holsteiner is heavily built, with sloped shoulders, clearly defined withers and a compact, well rounded body. The legs are...  Read more >
Icelandic Horse Icelandic Horse
The typical Icelandic horse is rectangular and compact in shape. It has a large, well defined, proud and alert head and a short, strong neck. Its legs are clean and dry with strong tendons and strong thick hooves. The Icelandic horse has a thick...  Read more >
Irish Draught Irish Draught
The Irish Draught horse has an alert head with bold eyes set well apart, a wide forehead and long ears. Its neck is arched, long and carried proudly, its shoulders are clean-cut and its forearms long and muscular. It has a deep chest and a long...  Read more >
Irish Sport Horse Irish Sport Horse
The Irish Sport Horse, also known as Irish Horse and Irish Hunter, is a well-proportioned, athletic horse. It has a well set, alert head with large eyes and long ears. Its neck is long, muscular and slightly arched. It has a strong bone structure...  Read more >
Italian Heavy Draft Italian Heavy Draft
The Italian Heavy Draft is a compact, muscular horse. It has a long head with expressive eyes and small ears. Its neck is short and strong while its back is wide and flat. The chest is broad and deep and the shoulders robust. It has muscular legs...  Read more >
Jutland Horse Jutland Horse
The Jutland is a Danish draft horse breed. It has a good sized, compact body with short legs and large quarters. Its legs are heavily feathered. It has expressive, gentle eyes, long ears and thick, strong neck. Its shoulders are massive and muscular...  Read more >
Kerry Bog Pony Kerry Bog Pony
The Kerry Bog Pony is a small, elegant pony breed. It is of Irish origin and is exceptionally refined for a native breed. It has a powerful, compact body with a strong bone structure. The head is medium sized and pleasing to the eye. It has small...  Read more >
Knabstrup Knabstrup
The Knabstrup or Knabstrupper is a horse breed of Danish origin. It has a big framed, well balanced body with an elegant, expressive head. The eyes are clear and relaxed and the ears small. The neck is well set and strong. Knapstrups have sloping...  Read more >
Lusitano Lusitano
The Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed, quite similar in appearance to the Andalusian and other Spanish horse breeds. The head is medium sized with a Roman profile and small, alert ears. The neck is short, thick and muscular, the shoulders...  Read more >
Maremmano Maremmano
The Maremmano or Maremmana is an Italian horse breed. Its head is long, with a straight profile, large, kind eyes and large nostrils. The ears are medium sized and alert. The neck and back are short and strong. Maremmanos have full, muscular chests...  Read more >
Murgese Murgese
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Nordlandshest Nordlandshest
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Noriker Horse Noriker Horse
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North Swedish Horse North Swedish Horse
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Oldenburg Horse Oldenburg Horse
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Percheron Percheron
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Pottok Pottok
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Selle Français Selle Français
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Sorraia Sorraia
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Spanish Jennet Horse Spanish Jennet Horse
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Spanish Mustang Spanish Mustang
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Swedish Warmblood Swedish Warmblood
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Trakehner Trakehner
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Westphalian Horse Westphalian Horse
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Württemberger Württemberger
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