Horses and Ponies of South-America

Chilean Horse Chilean Horse
The Chilean Horse carries the pride of being the oldest registered stock breed in America. South America is the home of this breed. The existence of this breed is virtually unknown beyond the South American soil. This breed has maintained a closed...  Read more >
Criollo Horse Criollo Horse
The Criollo Horse is a breed that is a native of South American countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. If any breed of horse can dare to compete with the Arabian horses in terms of stamina and endurance, this is the breed. This only...  Read more >
Mangalarga Mangalarga
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Mangalarga Marchador Mangalarga Marchador
The Mangalarga Marchador is a horse breed of Iberian origin. It is a medium sized horse with a well proportioned, compact body and fine, smooth coat. The head is long and elegant with a flat forehead. The eyes and nostrils are rather large, while...  Read more >
Paso Fino Paso Fino
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Peruvian Paso Peruvian Paso
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