Horses and Ponies of Australia

Australian Draught Horse Australian Draught Horse
The Australian Draught horse, as the name says, is a native of Australia. This breed owes its origin to four other recognized pure draught breeds that contributed their genes in order to give rise to this new breed. The breeds that contributed to...  Read more >
Australian Pony Australian Pony
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Australian Riding Pony Australian Riding Pony
The Australian Rising Pony is one the very few horse breeds that was initially bred with a specific purpose in mind. Australian riding ponies are considered more as a “refined type” rather than a “breed” in terms of genetics. The riding ponies came...  Read more >
Australian Stock Horse Australian Stock Horse
This horse that is the native of Australia is bred keeping in mind the harsh Australian conditions. This breed evolved after cross breeding various other breeds that were imported from continents like Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Australian...  Read more >
Brumby Brumby
Horses have become an integral part of the life in Australia right from when they were brought by the settlers to this island nation. The Brumby horses are the wild horses that are native to Australia. Though they can be found in any part of...  Read more >
Waler Horse Waler Horse
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